Have you Planned for your Retirement

More and More people are using their retirement to fulfil lifelong dreams that they couldn’t previously achieve due to work commitments. With time on their hands those in retirement are taking the opportunity to learn new skills, take up a hobby or travel the world.

Below we have outlined a range of helpful tips that you should consider before you decide on your retirement date in the near future. 

How to achieve your perfect Retirement Plan

1. How will you spend your days?

After working for so long for the majority of your life, and with more and more people living longer – it is not unusual to find yourself at a loss of what to do with so much spare time. You should try to think about what daily activities you might see yourself doing with all your free time, whether it be visiting family members or socialising with friends. This is key to help identify your daily expenses. 

2. Where will you retire?

Are you going to stay put, buying a retirement home for yourself in the sun. The earlier you answer this question and identify what you want from your retirement, the sooner you can save to ensure you have enough funds to enjoy all your days.

3. When do you retire?

If you can pick your dates then take this into consideration, what you are saving to?. This will help ensure you have a big enough retirement fund to support your retirement plans. Retiring out of choice is a great luxury, which many can only dream of, but if you start early and speak to one of our specialist pension advisors to help you plan ahead, save more and prepare for a reduce income sooner than later.

At Financial Foresight we make it our mission to ensure that you are ready for your retirement. Book a free consultation with our retirement financial advisers today, who will talk you through all the available pension options to find one that meets your needs.

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