Re–Mortgage Options

At Financial Foresight we understand that everyone’s lives are different and the last thing anyone wants is a phone call from an unknown or unrecognised number, to discuss your mortgage options. But be assured switching your mortgage deal at the right time could save you thousands and even reduce your monthly payments– which I am sure you’d agree everyone wants.

1. Don’t leave your re mortgage to chance. 

Have a look through your paperwork laying around the house, and see when your initial rate changes onto your lenders Standard Variable Rate (SVR). This rate is usually significantly higher than your initial rate, resulting in your mortgage payments increasing by thousands a year. Start looking today, and give us a call on 028 9332 2822 our specialist mortgage advisers will be able to review your current deal with some basic information, we can explore your options and secure a new mortgage deal for you – saving you money.

2. Don’t settle for second best.

Financial Foresight is a firm of Independent financial advisers, meaning we have a extensive range of lenders who we can search on ensuring you get the best deal possible to meet your financial needs. We have the ability to search through thousands of lenders and arrange to meet with you within 24 hours of our initial contact with you. By speaking to one of our special advisers today on 028 9332 2822 you can ensure you get the best deal for your mortgage.

3. Protect your credit score.

Lenders will look at your credit score to assess your ability to honour your previous financial commitments. So, having a good credit score will improve your chances of getting approved for a re – mortgage. This is normal – since you last got your mortgage your financial circumstances may have changed i.e. pay increase or decrease, missed payments etc. In short, lenders will re check your file when you remortgage. Some additional methods to increase your credit include:

– Close old bank accounts
– Avoid any credit card or insurance application leading up to the re–mortgage
– Use and pay off any credit card debt to help build credit history
– Make sure you are registered on the electoral roll

4. Speak to Financial Foresight today

You should speak to our specialist mortgage brokers today to give you a better understanding of what products are available to you and what the potential overall cost may be when you re–mortgage. Give us a call on 028 9332 2822 or email