Do I need Income Protection Insurance?

No one likes to think that anything bad will ever happen to them.

Here at Financial Foresight, we can help protect you and your loved ones from financial difficulty. Our expert protection advisers can explain the benefits of having Life Insurance, most notably Income protection insurance. This insurance provides you with a safety net for when you might not be able to work due to illness or injury. This can enable you to focus solely on your recovery both physically and mentally rather than worrying about financial stability through this tough time.

How does Income Protection Insurance Work?
Income protection insurance replaces part of your income when you are unable to work due to an illness or an injury. The policy will normally pay out until you can begin working again, retire or the policy term comes to an end. Income protection insurance is different to other life insurance policies for a number of reason.

For Example: Critical Illness cover is designed to pay out a large sum when you develop a serious illness. Income protection insurance is vital for those who would be unable to survive on sick pay alone, and those who depend on their income to support themselves and their loved ones.

Your income protection quote is calculated in line with the usual factors pertaining to insurance of this type, including age, health, job, how much of your income you would like the cover to extend to and the range of illnesses and injuries you would like to cover.

If this is something you might be interested in getting more information about, please contact one of our advisers today to discuss your options, and get an FREE income protection quote.

I Have Savings – Do I Still Need the Cover?
Today’s life is more uncertain than ever before, and we all have our own personal obligations. Whilst you may be living well within your means now and you may even be able to put some money away each month, you would be surprised at how quickly your money disappears when you are not earning your usual salary each month due to illness!

With Income Protection you can postpone your income protection insurance payments until your period of sick pay has run out, which can make your payments for the cover less expensive, whilst still allowing you the peace of mind that you will be financially secure at what can be a challenging time.

Income protection insurance not only protects your income, it protects your savings and your future. If you are prepared to safeguard your financial stability despite illness or injury, contact Financial Foresight today on 028 9332 2822, or alternatively email