When it comes to mortgages, it can be overwhelming to make sense of all the different loans on the market. Especially when you consider how expensive properties can be, how much you may need to borrow and how much you need to pay back. That’s why we believe it is vital to have expert advise at hand when you begin to plan for your mortgages. It is essential to make smart financial decisions when it comes to finding the best mortgage for you, so let us help you today!


Here at Financial Foresight we aim to provide valuable guidance on the latest mortgages deals and rates available to suit your individual needs. Below we have highlighted some top tips to help you with your mortgage planning. 


1.      Check your Credit Score


A strong credit score will go in your favour when it comes to getting a mortgage. Lenders will review your financial history in terms of credit cards, utility bills and repayments in order approve you for a mortgage. Which is why lenders will be more willing to let you borrow if they see a positive financial history and you can easily demonstrate how you can afford mortgage repayments with your income. 


There are ways to improve your credit score such as, enrolling on the electoral roll and closing unused credit accounts and making regular payments to keep any credit cards up to date. Speak to our expert financial advisors for further information that could help your mortgage application.


2.      Work Out a Budget


When buying a property, you need to consider the overall cost. Buying a house is a huge investment, so it is key you plan correctly and get the house to suit your needs. In addition to the initial cost of the property, you need to consider additional costs which come along with any home purchase such as; surveying fees, legal fees, furnishings, mortgage repayments, utility bills and more.


These expenses quickly add up and will ultimately impact on how much of a deposit you can afford. 

Planning on a budget, and pointing out your goals will help give you an indication if you need to save for longer, you should think about buying with someone else or looking at more affordable properties. 



3.    Speak to one of our Expert Mortgage Advisors

If you’re unaware of what you’d be eligible for or how much you can borrow, then speak to a mortgage advisor. We can arrange to meet with you free of charge, during this meeting we can search the market for you and talk you through the whole application process will put your mind at ease.


Financial Foresight

If you’re in need of trusted independent advice feel free to book a free, no obligation Mortgage Planning consultation with our financial advisors today. Give us a call on 028 9332 2822 or email   We’d be happy to help!

Original Posted on 1/8/17