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Life Insurance Cover

Financial Foresight understands that family protection matters. Death and ill health are traumatic enough without having to cope with the financial implications to the family.

Life insurance can pay your family a lump sum or regular payment in the occasion of your death. With Life insurance cover you have peace of mind that your dependents will be safe when you are no longer around. The amount of money paid to your dependents ultimately depends upon your level of cover.

Life Insurance Policies

To ensure the most appropriate type and term of life insurance cover, book a free consultation with our expert protection advisers. With our trusted, independent and expert life insurance advisers we promise to find you the most suitable cover. Whether it be:

1. Life Insurance

These policies last for a set period of time (known as your policy term) i.e. 5, 15 or 25 years. Term life insurance only pays if you die during the policy term agreement, with no payable lump sum at the end of the policy term it is important to get the right policy to suit your needs.

2. A Whole–of–Life Policy

This will be payable no matter when you die, as long as you keep up with payments.

As well as guiding you through the range of policies available we can arrange for new or existing policies to be written in trust. This will ensure that the benefits are paid out quickly as possible to the correct person in the case of your untimely death or ill health.

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