Mortgages at Financial Foresight!

Need sound mortgage advice? Want to speak to a mortgage adviser who can help you undertake key mortgage planning?
Then welcome to Financial Foresight where we deliver fully independent financial advice, best suited to your mortgage requirements and needs. 
Financial Foresight makes finding the right mortgage less daunting by making sense of all the different types of mortgages and home loans available to you. Whether you are a first–time buyer, re–mortgaging, mortgage switching or looking advice on Buy to Let mortgages, you’ve came to the right place!
Financial Foresight have access to all the latest mortgages rates and exclusive deals with all…

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Quote of the Day

“It’s not the customers job to know what they want” – Steve Jobs
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“ A good reputation is more valuable than money” – Publilius Syrus
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Hurry, ISA Deadline day is approaching 5th April 2019

Hurry, ISA Deadline day is approaching 5th April 2019
With the 2018/19 tax year fast approaching its end, if you act now you could still invest up to £20,000 into your ISAs.
What is an ISA?
ISA stands for Individual Saving Allowance, this is an allowance set up by the Government who specifies how much you are able to invest or save each year. Traditionally, the limit has been £15,240, but the limit has now increased it to £20,000!!!
 You can invest into your funds directly if you wish, or alternatively you can split it across all of the available ISA’s, these include;
–       Help to Buy ISA
–       Stocks
& Shares…

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What is Inheritance Tax?

What is Inheritance tax?
When you die, the government will calculate how much your estate is worth minus any debts you have to get a total value of your estate. Your estate will include assets such as;
Money in the bank
Valuables e.g. jewellery or paintings
Any businesses that you own
Pay–outs from life insurance policies
In accordance with the 2017/2018
tax year, everyone is allowed to leave an estate valued up to £325,000 without their beneficiaries being taxed on it. In fact, it’s good to note that the
£325,000 limit has been frozen until 2020/2021. However, if your estate is valued above this figure, it will be…

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Spending Habits

 ”It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits” – Charles A Jaffe
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Critical Illness Cover

How many stories have you heard of families whose lives drastically change due to a father or mother being diagnosed with a critical illness? Too often we are learning of people developing life threatening illnesses, but how often do we stop and think that it could be us?
Probably not that often but you shouldn’t take the risk.
By being proactive and taking out critical illness cover with one of our expert advisers at Financial Foresight you can continue to live a full life knowing things are taken care of should anything happen.
Why You Need Critical Illness Insurance Unlike health insurance which pays you an…

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Every Penny Counts!

“ A penny saved is a penny earned” – Benjamin Franklin

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Are you on the best mortgage rate?

When purchasing a property, a homeowner can opt for either a fixed rate mortgage or variable interest rate mortgage. Either of which will impact how much your mortgage payments will cost, alongside what the terms and conditions of your mortgage lender are. 
If you’re a first–time buyer or looking to move home, it can be overwhelming to get your head around the different payment plans of each mortgage. Here at Financial Foresight we can offer expert advice and guidance to help you decide on which mortgage rates are best suited to your personal needs.
1. Fixed Rate
Mortgages with fixed rates means your payments…

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Did you miss us in January??

Did you miss us in January?
The machine that posts our blogs let us down last month, and one of our staff members was off on paternity due to having a baby. 
Normal services will resume from today!

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