Financial Sowing!

 ”If you want to reap financial blessings, you have to sow financially” – Joel Osteen
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Re–Mortgage Options

At Financial Foresight we understand that everyone’s lives are different and the last thing anyone wants is a phone call from an unknown or unrecognised number, to discuss your mortgage options. But be assured switching your mortgage deal at the right time could save you thousands and even reduce your monthly payments– which I am sure you’d agree everyone wants.
1. Don’t leave your re mortgage to chance. 
Have a look through your paperwork laying around the house, and see when your initial rate changes onto your lenders Standard Variable Rate (SVR). This rate is usually significantly higher than your initial rate, resulting…

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Smart Savings

 ”Do not save what is left after spending . . . but spend what is left after saving” – Warren Buffet.
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Know your Pension!

A personal pension is a pension that you arrange yourself. These can also sometimes be known as a defined contribution, or ‘money purchase’ pension. These types of pensions are based on how much was paid in.1. How does this work?
The money you pay into your personal pension is then put into investments (such as shares) by the pension provider, of your choice. The money you’ll get from a personal pension when you retire will depend on the following;
1. how much has been paid in
2. how the fund’s investments have performed – these can go up or down
3. how you decide to take your money

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Saving habits of the young!

There is a relatively new trend in the financial press of using young people’s experiences to generate outrage clicks.
Articles normally go something like this: young person reveals their spending habits, usually with the aim of buying a house in mind, prompting Twitter rage at how much they spend, how much they save, how many coffees they drink and so on.A recent article in the i newspaper was a good example of this in action. Headlined “How I live on £69,500 salary while saving to buy a two–bedroom flat”. The 29–year–old who wrote the article described how her bid to save…

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Why is Life Insurance so Important to YOU and YOUR family

At Financial Foresight, we understand that not all families, or people are the same. Everyone has their own priorities, savings and lifestyles. We do, however know that some sort of life insurance cover is required to anyone who wants to secure their future and ensure everything you have worked for is taken off you if you fall ill, or worse die!We have outline some of the response we hear from our clients, see points one to five, on why you should get in touch with us, as soon as possible to discuss your life insurance arrangements; 1. Life Insurance is essential,…

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 ”What do you call someone who is happy on a Monday?. . . Retired”

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How can you trust any other kind of advice?

How can you trust any other kind of advice?
In these days of low bank deposit rates and impending mortgage payment increases financial advice has never been more IMPORTANT!
Many, if not most advisers, are “RESTRICTED” in what they can advise on or whom they can recommend! Financial Foresight have always been and will continue to be a firm of INDEPENDENT! Financial Advisers. We advise on and arrange mortgages, life and health insurance, pension and investments from across the whole market. 
Financial Products constantly change so it is prudent to have your finances regularly checked; especially if your original advice was not independent. 

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Making your Money Work for You

“Its not how much money you make but how much you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for”– Robert Kiyosaki
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The Importance of having a Trust

The Importance of having a Trust!
At Financial Foresight we understand that not every single person who walks through our doors are the same, that everyone has their own unique financial situations of which they must deal with. You should think about putting your old and new life insurance in Trust – it is not a bad idea! in fact we would encourage you to do so due to the range of benefits this will have in the event of your untimely death. We have outline three key benefits below;
  1. Right MoneyYou can use a trust to give some or all…

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