Buying Your First Home!

Knowing where to start when buying your first home can be confusing. However, there are some simple steps you can take to make your path clear and increase your chance of obtaining your first home. 1. Check Your Credit Score Banks use credit scores to judge whether or not you’re trustworthy enough to take out a mortgage. You can check yours online for free with companies such as Experian and Equifax. This will give you a good starting point2. Work Out How Much You Can Afford to Borrow Your income will affect how…

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Quote of the Day.

Benjamin Franklin – “Beware of little expenses, a small leak will sink a great ship”
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Making the Most of your Monthly Income

The moment our wages transfer into our bank accounts each month it’s already being distributed out. Our income allows us to support our social lives, feed our bellies and pay those ever important bills. However, do you feel strapped for cash at the latter end of the month? And are putting enough money aside for a rainy day? At Financial Foresight we have outlined three key areas to focus on to help you stretch your income to make it last.Making the Most of Your Monthly IncomeHere at Financial Foresight we know the…

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Have you thought about your families protection needs

 When it comes to financial protection, everyone can benefit from professional advice. 
Financial Foresight knows the importance of life insurance. It is for this reason we have outlined several important financial protection measures worth thinking about to help protect you, your family and your assets. 
1. Life Insurance 
Irrespective of your age, Life insurance is cover worth investing in. it ensures your loved ones are still provided for after your gone, get ill or become unable to work for a period of time, this is especially important if you are the sole “ Bread Winner” of the family. Whether you are 25 or…

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Quote of the Day

 A Big Part of Financial Freedom is having your heart and mind free from worrying about the what–ifs of life” 

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Have you Planned for your Retirement

More and More people are using their retirement to fulfil lifelong dreams that they couldn’t previously achieve due to work commitments. With time on their hands those in retirement are taking the opportunity to learn new skills, take up a hobby or travel the world.
Below we have outlined a range of helpful tips that you should consider before you decide on your retirement date in the near future. 
How to achieve your perfect Retirement Plan
1. How will you spend your days?
After working for so long for the majority of your life, and with more and more people living longer – it…

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LIFE Insurance is it worth the Fuss?

LIFE Insurance is it worth the Fuss?
It is said that one in ten of us will not live to see our retirement, is this something that you have planned for? How will you family keep up mortgage payments if you are the main bread winner, who will cover your debts if the worst happens to you?
Why not call in today and meet with one of our specialist Independent Financial Advisers today to discuss you options!
Now days there is a range of products available to ensure all your needs are met when injury and sickness may strike! Some of the…

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What is Equity Release

What is Equity Release?
Are you over 55
and looking some extra cash, are you wanting to make home improvements, or even want to clear some debt you may have? If this is the case Equity release may be the answer.
Equity Release is a way of supporting yourself later in life, by unlocking tax–free cash from the value of your home, without having to move out. You might want to renovate your old kitchen or bathroom to what you’ve always wanted, or even take yourself away on a trip of a life time. Many use Equity Release to secure a comfortable…

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Secure your financial future today!

Secure your financial future today!
No matter what stage you`re at in life, you need to be financially comfortable with what may be around the corner, at Financial Foresight we aim to help point you in the right direction,
we offer our advice is all area of financial planning;
How to find the best mortgage?
How to pay for your kids to go to university?
How much should you invest in your pension?
How do you protect your family from financial hardship if you die?
These are all the questions we find ourselves asking every day, why not call into one of our offices today convenient…

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Hurry, ISA Deadline day is approaching 5th April 2018

Hurry, ISA Deadline day is approaching 5th April 2018
With the 2017/18 tax year fast approaching its end, If you act now you could still invest up to £20,000 into your ISAs.
What is an ISA?
ISA stands for Individual Saving Allowance, this is an allowance set up by the Government who specifies how much you are able to invest or save each year. Traditionally, the limit has been £15,240, but this year they have increased it to £20,000!!!
You can invest into your funds directly if you wish, or alternatively you can split it across all of the available ISA’s, these include;
Help to Buy ISA

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